Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cabo san Lucas to El Fuerte (solo)

Chris wrote:

After dropping Missy off at the airport, I decided to just head north and get to Todo Santos, but fortunately, I was in no great rush; I came around a corner and there was a truck overtaking another truck up a hill in my lane, so I slammed on brakes and drove off the road into the sand so he wouldn't hit me. My first wake-up call, 20 min into my solo ride. I found a nice little hotel called Casa Bently--nice, except for waking up with a cockroach scratching on my head. Above is a photo of the pool area.

Some street displays in Todos Santos

The original Hotel California.

The following day I went to a small beach and rented a surfboard- discovered that surfing is not like riding a bicycle, so I got a good tan and read half my book.

I then headed to La Paz to to get ready for the Ferry. The ferry leaves from Pichiligue on the other side of La Paz and there are some amazing beaches on the way there. The pic above is from the ferry, on the left are where the nice beaches are.

As many tiedowns as I could find, she did fine...

I hung out with a realy cool Canadian couple that were backpacking for a couple of weeks, Nick and Mel. I hope the singer wasn't too offended about my Michael Jackson comment.

When I got off the ferry the next morning I decided to get some miles under my belt, so I went north and when I got to Las Mochis I found this Hotel, get this, each unit has its own garage for 2 compact cars and look at the next picture, you can rent a room for 6 hours, so that your significant other can't see you car parked outside a hotel when you are meant to be getting a bikini wax.

Then it was off to El Fuente not far, but what a wonderful little town very clean and colonial, but I decided to get Copper Canyon under my belt and then I would come back here, so I had a cup of coffee and headed for Choix hoping to get to the Copper Canyon from there. I later found out that it can't be SAFELY done on a bike alone, so I bagged out and went back to El Fuerte and checked into a fantastic little Hacienda that has Hummingbird feeders all over the place, so I went to town with my camera.

The chair on the left is where I am siitting right now. Cool breeze and Hummingbirds everywhere.

The boiling hot baron town square.

By the time I finished walking up the hill to the museum, I was to pooped to go in, so I took this pic and went back to my A/C.

Tomorrow I am going to head south but not on the freewayI plan on taking in some of the countryside.

Till next time.................