Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ushuaia to Puerto Mont

It’s a strange feeling, now that I am on the return trip, going north again. Kind of, been there done that. It feels like the trip is over, but I still have a lot to do.

Well because the wind was so bad down south and we all needed a break we decided to take the Ferry from Puerto Natales to Puerto Mont. We had an easy one day ride from Ushuaia through Povenir and then the short ferry to Punta Arenas and spent a night there. Nice little town, had a nice late start to get the 3pm penguin viewing, that was the first time I’ve seen Penguins, funny little things.

Once we arrived in Puerto Natales, we had a couple of days to kill so we took 2 days, 1 night and went to Torres del Paine National park to look at some apparently wonderful mountains that were completely covered with clouds, the norm. Johannes, Judy and myself, spent the night at an Eco-camp that was a bit expensive but, fantastic, very well run, the food was great and a great dirt road to get there. Another place I would like to go back to one day.

Now this ferry has been nick named “the puke boat” rough seas etc, well we had a great sail, one night of rough seas but I slept no problem. A 3 day break was good for me, so yesterday when I got back on the bike it really felt good. We hope to be in BA in about 5 days but, we’ll see how that goes.